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Web Development Recipes

Author : Brian P. Hogan
Language : English
File Size : 59,35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 917
Read : 1325

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Modern web development is so much more than just HTML and CSS with a little JavaScript mixed in. People want faster, more usable interfaces that work on multiple devices, and you need the latest tools and techniques to make that happen. This book gives you over 40 concise solutions to today's web development problems, and introduces new solutions that will expand your skill set---proven, practical advice from authors who use these tools and techniques every day. In this completely updated edition, you'll find innovative new techniques and workflows, as well as reworked solutions that take advantage of new developments.

Web development is constantly changing, and you need to stay on top of your game. Discover a wide spectrum of web development techniques, from how to improve the way you present content, to solutions for data analysis, testing, and deployment.

In this edition we introduce new tools, add new recipes, and modernize old ones. You'll use Vagrant to automate server setup, and you'll discover new ways to develop blogs and static sites. You'll learn how to use Grunt to script the deployment of your web project, and use Angular to build a single-page app.

You'll learn how to make content stand out with simple cross-browser styles; create animations that work well everywhere without plugins; and create lightweight, responsive layouts. We'll show you how to use preprocessors like CoffeeScript and Sass; write tests for your code; use Git and Dropbox to collaborate; configure and secure the Apache web server; use virtualization to set up your own servers automatically; and much more.

Whether you're new to front-end development, or you've got a few years of experience, you'll become a more versatile developer by finding out how---and why---to use these solutions in your next project.

What You Need:

Your favorite text editor, the most current version of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari, and a working knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. Familiarity with command-line interfaces is a plus.

Web Development Recipes

Author : Brian P. Hogan
Language : English
File Size : 44,3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 218
Read : 907

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Modern web development takes more than just HTML and CSS with a little JavaScript mixed in. Clients want more responsive sites with faster interfaces that work on multiple devices, and you need the latest tools and techniques to make that happen. This book gives you more than 40 concise, tried-and-true solutions to today's web development problems, and introduces new workflows that will expand your skillset.

You'll see a full spectrum of cutting-edge web development techniques, from UI and eye candy recipes to solutions for data analysis, testing, and web hosting.

Make buttons and content stand out with simple cross-browser styles; do animations that work on mobile devices without plugins; build and test HTML emails; and build a flexible layout that works on desktops and mobile devices. You'll use the Backbone and Knockout JavaScript frameworks to build responsive user interfaces, and you'll learn how tools like CoffeeScript and Sass offer better ways to develop and maintain your client-side code. You'll write tests for your code that run in multiple web browsers, use Git to keep track of your work, and even get a little one-on-one time with the Apache web server.

Whether you're new to front-end development, or you've got a few years of experience, you'll become a more versatile developer by finding out how--and why--to use these solutions in your next web development project.

What You Need:

Your favorite text editor, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or higher, Google Chrome or Safari, and a working knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.

Django Cookbook Web Development With Django Quick Start

Author : Logan Barton
Language : English
File Size : 47,1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 996
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This book is an exploration of Django, a Python framework for web development. It begins by exploring the Admin interface for Django. You will learn how to use this to read data from a model and then provide a quick interface.

To use the Django admin interface, there are some steps that you have to go through, which have been explored in detail. The various “model Admin” objects in Django have also been discussed in detail. You will also be shown how to write views in Django, which are good for displaying data to the user.

Shortcut functions are useful for collection of classes and helper functions that span multiple levels of MVC. They are also good for introducing a form controlled coupling in a system, which are explored in this book.

This book also explores models and databases, which are good for storage of data for an application. Template language is another topic that is covered in this book.


The following topics are discussed in this book:

  • The Django Admin Interface
  • Writing Views
  • File Uploads
  • Shortcut Functions
  • Models and Databases
  • Django Template Language

Less Web Development Cookbook

Author : Bass Jobsen
Language : English
File Size : 47,33 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 669
Read : 628

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Over 110 practical recipes to help you write leaner, more efficient CSS code

About This Book

  • Create and customize your website effectively and easily with Less Version 2
  • Develop more efficient code, and decrease your investment in debugging complex code
  • With implementation of the latest version Less.js V2, leverage Less separately from its node and browser and employ many other improvements, such as plugin support.
  • Discover the dynamism of Less and manage your projects with efficiency and accuracy

Who This Book Is For

Aimed at those who want to overcome the limitations of CSS, through this book you will begin to harness the efficiency of Less by building advanced, responsive, and modern websites. Experienced web developers, students, and even web designers will find this guide very useful as they enhance their CSS skills.

What You Will Learn

  • Integrate Less into your projects to boost efficiency
  • Spend less time debugging
  • Compile Less code into readable and maintainable CSS
  • Write reusable and portable code and avoid duplication
  • Make use of prebuilt and proven code
  • Reduce the development and maintenance time of your projects
  • Set up a development environment with Grunt

In Detail

Less is a dynamic style sheet language to help you make your CSS code more maintainable, readable, and reusable. It provides impressive features to enhance your web development skills with complex code techniques necessary for responsive websites.

This book contains more than 110 practical recipes to help you develop efficient projects through CSS extensions including variables, mixins, and functions. Optimize your projects by debugging code to create style guides, build responsive grids, and integrate Less into your WordPress development workflow.

This book includes Less v2 code and covers powerful tools such as Bootstrap and a wide-range of additional prebuilt mixin libraries, allowing you to set up a powerful development environment with Node.js and Grunt.

Web Development With Django Cookbook Second Edition

Author : Aidas Bendoraitis
Language : English
File Size : 13,8 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 633
Read : 1291

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Key Features

  • This is the latest book on the market that will help you take advantage of the new features added to Django 1.8
  • This book consists of recipes of varying complexities to help you create multilingual, responsive, and scalable websites with Django
  • This updated edition teaches you major Django functions and will help you improve your skills by developing models, forms, views, and templates

Book Description

Django is a web framework that was designed to strike a balance between rapid web development and high performance. It has the capacity to handle applications with high levels of user traffic and interaction, and can integrate with massive databases on the backend, constantly collecting and processing data in real time.

Through this book, you'll discover that collecting data from different sources and providing it to others in different formats isn't as difficult as you thought. It follows a task-based approach to guide you through all the web development processes using the Django framework. We'll start by setting up the virtual environment for a Django project and configuring it. Then you'll learn to write reusable pieces of code for your models and find out how to manage database schema changes using South migrations. After that, we'll take you through working with forms and views to enter and list data. With practical examples on using templates and JavaScript together, you will discover how to create the best user experience. In the final chapters, you'll be introduced to some programming and debugging tricks and finally, you will be shown how to test and deploy the project to a remote dedicated server.

By the end of this book, you will have a good understanding of the new features added to Django 1.8 and be an expert at web development processes.

What you will learn

  • Get started with the basic configuration necessary to start any Django project
  • Build a database structure out of reusable model mixins
  • Manage forms and views and get to know some useful patterns that are used to create them
  • Create handy template filters and tags that you can reuse in every project
  • Integrate your own functionality into the Django CMS
  • Manage hierarchical structures with MPTT
  • Import data from local sources and external web services as well as exporting your data to third parties
  • Implement a multilingual search with Haystack
  • Test and deploy your project efficiently

About the Author

Aidas Bendoraitis has been professionally working with web technologies for over a decade. Over the past nine years at a Berlin-based company, studio 38 pure communication GmbH, he has developed a number of small-scale and large-scale Django projects―mostly in the cultural area―together with a creative team. At the moment, he is also working as a software architect at a London-based mobile startup, Hype.

Aidas regularly attends meetups of Django User Group Berlin, occasionally visits Django and Python conferences, and writes a weblog about Django: http://djangotricks.blogspot.com/.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with Django 1.8
  2. Database Structure
  3. Forms and Views
  4. Templates and JavaScript
  5. Custom Template Filters and Tags
  6. Model Administration
  7. Django CMS
  8. Hierarchical Structures
  9. Data Import and Export
  10. Bells and Whistles
  11. Testing and Deployment

Angularjs Web Application Development Cookbook

Author : Matt Frisbie
Language : English
File Size : 32,5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 373
Read : 1219

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Over 90 hands-on recipes to architect performant applications and implement best practices in AngularJS

About The Book
  • Understand how to design and organize your AngularJS application to make it efficient, performant, and scaleable
  • Discover patterns and strategies that will give your insights into the best ways to construct production AngularJS applications
  • Get the most out of AngularJS by gaining exposure to real-world examples
  • Dive right in to all the newest parts of the framework, including the AngularJS 1.3 release

Who This Book Is For

This is not your grandmother's JavaScript cookbook. If you have a foundational understanding of the framework and want to expand your AngularJS skillset with strategies and methodologies for building performant and scaleable production applications, this is the book for you. This book assumes you have an understanding of the basics of AngularJS, and experience with JavaScript.

In Detail

Packed with easy-to-follow recipes, this practical guide will show you how to unleash the full might of the AngularJS framework. Skip straight to practical solutions and quick, functional answers to your problems without hand-holding or slogging through the basics. Avoid antipatterns and pitfalls, and squeeze the maximum amount out of the most powerful parts of the framework, from creating promise-driven applications to building an extensible event bus. Throughout, take advantage of a clear problem-solving approach that offers code samples and explanations of components you should be using in your production applications.

Restful Web Services Cookbook Solutions For Improving Scalability And Simplicity

Author : Subbu Allamaraju
Language : English
File Size : 46,32 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 118
Read : 1122

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While the REST design philosophy has captured the imagination of web and enterprise developers alike, using this approach to develop real web services is no picnic. This cookbook includes more than 100 recipes to help you take advantage of REST, HTTP, and the infrastructure of the Web. You'll learn ways to design RESTful web services for client and server applications that meet performance, scalability, reliability, and security goals, no matter what programming language and development framework you use.

Each recipe includes one or two problem statements, with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for solving them, as well as examples using HTTP requests and responses, and XML, JSON, and Atom snippets. You'll also get implementation guidelines, and a discussion of the pros, cons, and trade-offs that come with each solution.

  • Learn how to design resources to meet various application scenarios
  • Successfully design representations and URIs
  • Implement the hypertext constraint using links and link headers
  • Understand when and how to use Atom and AtomPub
  • Know what and what not to do to support caching
  • Learn how to implement concurrency control
  • Deal with advanced use cases involving copying, merging, transactions, batch processing, and partial updates
  • Secure web services and support OAuth

Django Cookbook Web Development With Django

Author : Beau Curtin
Language : English
File Size : 32,5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 192
Read : 1187

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Django Cookbook

Web Development with Django

This book is an exploration of Django, which is a Python framework used for the development of web apps. This book provides you with an explanation of what the framework is and its relationship to Python. The first chapter guides you on how to set up the environment ready for programming with Django. The Admin Interface in Django will also be discussed. After reading, you will learn how to set up, launch and use this interface. This book also guides you as to how to create views in Django. The process of URL mapping, models in Django, and how to perform page redirection will also be discussed in this book. The various ways to send E-mails in Django will also be covered. Generic views as well as form processing will also be discussed in detail, as well as the processes for handling both cookies and sessions.

Here is a preview of what you'll learn:

  • Setting up the Environment
  • The Admin Interface
  • Creating Views in Django
  • - URL Mapping
  • Template System
  • Models
  • Page Redirection
  • Sending E-mails
  • Generic Views
  • Form Processing in Django
  • Uploading Files
  • Handling Cookies
  • Sessions in Django
  • Memory Caching in Django
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Sql Learn Sql Database Programming In 24 Hours Or Less Sql Mysql Sql Server Php Mysql Php And Mysql Web Development Sql 2012 Sql Cookbook

Author : AZ Elite Publishing
Language : English
File Size : 66,2 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 605
Read : 748

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SQL: Learn SQL DataBase Programming in 24 hours Or Less!

It could be entitled SQL for Dummies. A solid introductory course for novices.

This book is written for the many who have no clue as to what SQL is or how to utilize it. SQL was developed to enable programmers to access, modify and manipulate data. Since the 1970s, it has become the standard language for accessing and using databases.

As the name implies, SQL (Structured Query Language) is a structured approach that arranges data into columns (fields) and rows (records). The SQL programming language is a special-purpose language can be used to access and manipulate data in various relational database systems such as Oracle, MySQL and others.

The author does use the appropriate technical terminology, but also explains or gives examples to illustrate what is meant.

In SQL: Learn SQL DataBase Programming in 24 hours Or Less! you will learn:

  • The basic concepts, syntax and data types used in SQL Database programming
  • How to create a database and the tables used in an SQL system
  • How INSERT statements are used to insert rows into the table
  • How the SELECT statement uses various clauses to gather and arrange data into a useable form.
  • How the DELETE statement works with the WHERE clause to identify specific rows/records within a table.
The author has included a link to a valuable website resource with free online tutorials for learning and practicing SQL programming. He has included review questions at the end of each chapter. The book will provide quick and easy introduction to SQL database programming and allows someone with a basic idea of programming to create their own databases and tables by using the Structured Query Language to their advantage.

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Meteor Web Application Development Cookbook

Author : Isaac Strack
Language : English
File Size : 66,2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 834
Read : 1021

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Over 65 hands-on recipes that cover every aspect of building and deploying elegant, full-stack web applications with Meteor

About This Book

  • Save time and effort while fully leveraging the entire Meteor technology stack
  • Quickly reference and implement the most powerful and useful features of one of the hottest and fastest growing JavaScript frameworks
  • Master cutting-edge techniques used by the experts to build elegant, robust applications

Who This Book Is For

This book is meant for developers of all experience levels looking to create mobile and full-stack web applications in JavaScript. Many of the simple recipes can easily be followed by less-experienced developers, while some of the advanced recipes will require extensive knowledge of existing web, mobile, and server technologies. Any application or enterprise web developer looking to create full-stack JavaScript-based apps will benefit from the recipes and concepts covered in this book.

What You Will Learn

  • Create and deploy user-friendly, touch-enabled web applications
  • Rapidly build robust, responsive user interfaces
  • Integrate any npm/Node package in minutes
  • Leverage isomorphic JavaScript to develop full-stack applications
  • Publish your own reusable custom packages
  • Quickly implement user accounts compatible with Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more
  • Convert external API streams into reactive, self-updating infographics
  • Secure and optimize your Mongo data collections

In Detail

Meteor is an incredibly powerful, impossibly fun platform used to build modern, responsive web and mobile applications

Starting with simple recipes designed for quick reference, and culminating in advanced recipes that walk you through building and deploying a complete application, Meteor Cookbook covers all the major areas of Meteor development, including lesser-known and undocumented features. You will have instant access to step-by-step recipes, accompanied by clear, concise explanations on optimizing your workflow. Whether used as a learning resource or as a quick-reference guide, this book will surely earn a permanent spot on your development work desk!

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