the romance between greece and the east

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The Romance Between Greece And The East

Author : Tim Whitmarsh
ISBN : 9781107038240
Genre : Bibles
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Twenty essays by renowned scholars explore contact between Greece and the Ancient Near East through the medium of prose fiction.

The Alexander Romance In Persia And The East

Author : Richard Stoneman
ISBN : 9789491431043
Genre : History
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Alexander the Great of Macedon was no stranger to controversy in his own time. Conqueror of the Greek states, of Egypt and of the Persian Empire as well as many of the principalities of the Indus Valley, he nevertheless became revered as well as vilified. Was he a simply a destroyer of the ancient civilizations and religions of these regions, or was he a hero of the Persian dynasties and of Islam? The conflicting views that were taken of him in the Middle East in his own time and the centuries that followed are still reflected in the tensions that exist between east and west today. The story of Alexander became the subject of legend in the medieval west, but was perhaps even more pervasive in the east. The Alexander Romance was translated into Syriac in the sixth century and may have become current in Persia as early as the third century AD. From these beginnings it reached into the Persian national epic, the Shahnameh, into Jewish traditions, and into the Quran and subsequent Arab romance. The papers in this volume all have the aim of deepening our understanding of this complex development. If we can understand better why Alexander is such an important figure in both east and west, we shall be a little closer to understanding what unites two often antipathetic worlds. This volume collects the papers delivered at the conference of the same title held at the University of Exeter from July 26-29 2010. More than half the papers were by invited speakers and were designed to provide a systematic view of the subject; the remainder were selected for their ability to carry research forward in an integrated way.

The Social World Of Intellectuals In The Roman Empire

Author : Kendra Eshleman
ISBN : 9781139851831
Genre : History
File Size : 74. 10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book examines the role of social networks in the formation of identity among sophists, philosophers and Christians in the early Roman Empire. Membership in each category was established and evaluated socially as well as discursively. From clashes over admission to classrooms and communion to construction of the group's history, integration into the social fabric of the community served as both an index of identity and a medium through which contests over status and authority were conducted. The juxtaposition of patterns of belonging in Second Sophistic and early Christian circles reveals a shared repertoire of technologies of self-definition, authorization and institutionalization and shows how each group manipulated and adapted those strategies to its own needs. This approach provides a more rounded view of the Second Sophistic and places the early Christian formation of 'orthodoxy' in a fresh context.

Narrative And Identity In The Ancient Greek Novel

Author : Tim Whitmarsh
ISBN : 9781139500586
Genre : Literary Collections
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The Greek romance was for the Roman period what epic was for the Archaic period or drama for the Classical: the central literary vehicle for articulating ideas about the relationship between self and community. This book offers a reading of the romance both as a distinctive narrative form (using a range of narrative theories) and as a paradigmatic expression of identity (social, sexual and cultural). At the same time it emphasises the elasticity of romance narrative and its ability to accommodate both conservative and transformative models of identity. This elasticity manifests itself partly in the variation in practice between different romancers, some of whom are traditionally Hellenocentric while others are more challenging. Ultimately, however, it is argued that it reflects a tension in all romance narrative, which characteristically balances centrifugal against centripetal dynamics. This book will interest classicists, historians of the novel and students of narrative theory.

The Greek Alexander Romance

Author : Richard Stoneman
ISBN : 9780141907116
Genre : History
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Mystery surrounds the parentage of Alexander, the prince born to Queen Olympias. Is his father Philip, King of Macedonia, or Nectanebo, the mysterious sorcerer who seduced the queen by trickery? One thing is certain: the boy is destined to conquer the known world. He grows up to fulfil this prophecy, building a mighty empire that spans from Greece and Italy to Africa and Asia. Begun soon after the real Alexander's death and expanded in the centuries that followed, The Greek Alexander Myth depicts the life and adventures of one of history's greatest heroes - taming the horse Bucephalus, meeting the Amazons and his quest to defeat the King of Persia. Including such elements of fantasy as Alexander's ascent to heaven borne by eagles, this literary masterpiece brilliantly evokes a lost age of heroism.

Aesop S Fables

Author : Jan Fields
ISBN : 9781616416874
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 27. 56 MB
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Aesop's classic collection presents the fables and moral stories from ancient Greece. The animal tales, folklore, and morals used to educate children in origin stories and character values are simplified for the youngest readers. Join the adventure in the Calico Illustrated Classics adaptation of Aesop's Fables.

Nathaniel Hawthorne And The Romance Of The Orient

Author : Luther S. Luedtke
ISBN : 0253336139
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 64. 47 MB
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This volume argues that by focusing on British and American backgrounds, readers have underestimated the impact of Asia and "the East" on American novelist and short story writer Nathaniel Hawthorne's (1804-1864) writing. The central force in Hawthorne's intellectual development was New England Puritanism. It fascinated even when it sometimes repelled him. It exercised a pull on his imagination which a lifetime of varied experience did not loosen. The author recreates Hawthorne's heritage and examine his readings in material dealing with the East; he examines three of Hawthorne's "early tales" that were all written before 1830; and he looks at Hawthorne's "The Story Teller", the two-volume book of sketches and tales Hawthorne unsuccessfully tried to publish in 1834 and issued piecemeal thereafter in periodicals as annuals. The author also evaluates the role of the Eastern world in Hawthorne's view of Romance and studies some of Hawthorne's "remarkable" heroines -- Beatrice Rapaccini, Hester, Zenobia, and Miriam in particular. The author maintains that the Puritan element in Hawthorne's ancestry has been overstressed and that insufficient attention has been paid to the equally important travel-adventure-exploration aspect of Hawthorne's heritage and craft.

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