the jewish jesus how judaism and christianity shaped each other

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The Jewish Jesus

Author : Peter Schäfer
ISBN : 9781400842285
Genre : Religion
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In late antiquity, as Christianity emerged from Judaism, it was not only the new religion that was being influenced by the old. The rise and revolutionary challenge of Christianity also had a profound influence on rabbinic Judaism, which was itself just emerging and, like Christianity, trying to shape its own identity. In The Jewish Jesus, Peter Schäfer reveals the crucial ways in which various Jewish heresies, including Christianity, affected the development of rabbinic Judaism. He even shows that some of the ideas that the rabbis appropriated from Christianity were actually reappropriated Jewish ideas. The result is a demonstration of the deep mutual influence between the sister religions, one that calls into question hard and fast distinctions between orthodoxy and heresy, and even Judaism and Christianity, during the first centuries CE.

The Jewish Jesus

Author : Peter Schäfer
ISBN : 9780691153902
Genre : Religion
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"Watching Peter Schafer explicate Jewish and Christian texts is like watching a great restorer work on a fresco damaged by time, wind, and water. Blurred outlines come into focus, dull colors become brilliant, and suddenly a forgotten story of exchange between the two religions comes back to dramatic life. This is great scholarship, applied to a subject so complex and difficult that nothing less could do it justice."--Anthony T. Grafton, Princeton University ""The Jewish Jesus" is the natural sequel to Peter Schafer's widely acclaimed "Jesus in the Talmud." Against overly simplistic conceptions of Christian influences on Judaism, Schafer posits a dynamic dialogue between two not yet clearly demarcated communities. Christianity grew out of Judaism, but Judaism also developed and changed in constant exchange with and differentiation from Christianity. Schafer's fascinating and highly readable book offers an important change of perspective from traditional religious histories and deserves many readers."--Gunter Stemberger, author of "Jews and Christians in the Holy Land: Palestine in the Fourth Century" "Schafer's thought-provoking book challenges readers to reimagine the relationship of early Judaism and Christianity and the theological matrices in which they developed. Must reading for students and scholars alike."--Burton L. Visotzky, Jewish Theological Seminary "This excellent and important book will be seized on eagerly and read with attention. Peter Schafer makes his argument with great clarity and a formidable command of the sources, building his case from close readings of the texts. The scholarship is impeccable."--Philip Alexander, professor emeritus, University of Manchester "

The Jewish Gospels

Author : Daniel Boyarin
ISBN : 1595588787
Genre : Religion
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Makes the powerful case that the conventional understandings of Jesus and the origins of Christianity are wrong: that Jesus' core teachings were not a break from Jewish beliefs and that Jesus was embraced by many Jews as the Messiah of the ancient Jewish texts.

The Origins Of Jewish Mysticism

Author : Peter Schäfer
ISBN : 9780691142159
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43. 85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Origins of Jewish Mysticism offers the first in-depth look at the history of Jewish mysticism from the book of Ezekiel to the Merkavah mysticism of late antiquity. The Merkavah movement is widely recognized as the first full-fledged expression of Jewish mysticism, one that had important ramifications for classical rabbinic Judaism and the emergence of the Kabbalah in twelfth-century Europe. Yet until now, the origins and development of still earlier forms of Jewish mysticism have been largely overlooked. In this book, Peter Schäfer sheds new light on Ezekiel's tantalizing vision, the apocalyptic literature of Enoch, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the writings of the Hellenistic Jewish philosopher Philo, the rabbinical writings of the Talmudic period, and the esotericism of the Merkavah mystics. Schäfer questions whether we can accurately speak of Jewish mysticism as a uniform, coherent phenomenon with origins in Judaism's mythical past. Rather than imposing preconceived notions about "mysticism" on a great variety of writings that arose from different cultural, religious, and historical settings, he reveals what these writings seek to tell us about the age-old human desire to get close to and communicate with God.

Jewish Jesus Research And Its Challenge To Christology Today

Author : Walter Homolka
ISBN : 9789004331747
Genre : Religion
File Size : 42. 60 MB
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The Quests for the Historical Jesus resulted in a move “back to the Jewish roots!” Jewish Jesus research positioned Jewry within a dominantly Christian culture and permitted Jews to feel more at ease with Jesus the Jew. Christians are challenged to respond now with a new Christology.

John Chrysostom And The Jews

Author : Robert L. Wilken
ISBN : 9781592449422
Genre : Religion
File Size : 82. 64 MB
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John Chrysostom, the golden mouth, the greatest preacher in the early church and a key figure during the transition from the ancient to the Byzantine and medieval worlds, is known as a vehement critic of the Jews. In this study, Robert Wilken presents a new interpretation of John's homilies against the Jews, setting them in the context of the pluralistic society of fourth-century Antioch and against the tradition of ancient rhetoric. In reading John's homilies, Wilken argues, we must not impose on them the anti-Jewish attitudes of medieval times, when Christianity was the dominant force in the West and Judaism was a minority religion. In John's time, Christianity was only one, and by no means the most self-assured, of the cultural forces in Antioch. It had to compete with an established Jewish community and with the classical pagan tradition that underlay education and public life. In 363, the Roman emperor Julian, who had apostatized Christianity to embrace the traditional pagan religion, attempted to rebuild the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. He terrified the Christians, who saw in the Temple's ruins proof of the truth of their religion. Wilken examines John's sermons against this atmosphere of intense religious rivalry and lively polemic between Christians, Jews, and pagans. His book calls not only for a fresh look at John Chrysostom but also for a reconsideration of the continued importance of Judaism in late antique society and in the history of Christianity. Its conclusions will be of interest to historians and theologians, and to participants in the present-day Jewish-Christian dialogue.

The Earliest Christian Hymnbook

Author :
ISBN : 9781606086469
Genre : Religion
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Includes bibliographical references (p. xxxvi-xxxvii) and index.

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