the collected papers of roger money kyrle

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The Collected Papers Of Roger Money Kyrle

Author : Roger Money-Kyrle
ISBN : 9781782202929
Genre : Psychology
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Thirty-five papers from a variety of technical and intellectual journals trace fifty years of distinguished service to psychoanalysis, sociology, politics and anthropology.

The Psychology Of War And Peace

Author : Fred van Houten
ISBN : 9781489907479
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 24. 62 MB
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Can a Baby Be an Enemy? Our world is in a deep, prolonged crisis. The threat of global nuclear war, the chronic condition of local wars, the imperilled environment, and mass star vation are among the major forms this crisis takes. The dangers of massive overkill, overexploitation of the environment, and overpopulation are well known, but surprisingly little has been said about their potential interac tions, their bearing upon each other. If there were to be a nuclear confronta tion between today's superpowers, it might not take place in today's world, but in a far less friendly habitat, such as the world may be some decades hence. And it need hardly be added that the era of this particular super power configuration may be waning rapidly, its place to be taken by other international arrangements not necessarily less threatening. To understand and cope with our situation we need correspondingly serious reflection. This volume forms a welcome part of that process. Un avoidably, a large part of our thinking about the issues of human survival must be oriented to physical and biological aspects of the total danger. But it has not escaped the authors of this book that, coupled with these aspects, there are profound psychological dangers, such as loss of the sense of futu rity, moral deterioration, and a fatalistic decline in the will to struggle to protect our home, the Earth.

Man S Picture Of His World And Three Papers

Author : Roger Money-Kyrle
ISBN : 9781782202257
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 46. 37 MB
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This new edition of Roger Money-Kyrle’s classic work is published together with three of his late papers, ‘Cognitive development’, ‘The aim of psychoanalysis’, and ‘On being a psychoanalyst’. Its intention is to introduce new readers to this key Kleinian thinker, whose influence has been quiet and uncontroversial but deep and formative. The book also includes Donald Meltzer’s discussion of the paper on ‘Cognitive development’.

A Clinical Application Of Bion S Concepts

Author : P. C. Sandler
ISBN : 9781781811818
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 38. 82 MB
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The final book in the three-volume series, A Clinical Application of Bion's Concepts - a practical companion to the dictionary of concepts The Language of Bion - is divided in four main parts. Part I, through the aid of a transdisciplinary study between psycho-analysis, mathematics, and physics, proposes four expanded variations of Bion's epistemological tool, The Grid. This was construed around an Euclidean space represented graphically by two dimensions constantly conjoined: the dimension of Functions of the Ego with the dimension of Psycho-genetics of thought processes. Bion's tool, by its own design, allows possibilities of development with regards to its ability to scrutinize the 'truth-value' of statements issued both by patients and analysts in the space-time, or the 'here and now' of psycho-analytic sessions or groups of sessions. The proposal is made though three steps; each one adds a subsequent dimension to the earlier one considered. The first step constitutes a Tri-dimension Grid; the added dimension is the Intensity of phenomena observed though the aid of the two dimension, original Grid. From this is proposed a Four-dimension Grid, which examines the evolution of the session with another dimension, added to the three already mentioned: the dimension of Time. Developing out from this, is proposed the a Six-dimension Grid, with the aid of more recent developments which allow a more precise examination of the space-time unit as observed by mathematicians and physicians. Finally, in order to better illuminate the complexity of mental functioning, there is proposed a Multi-dimension Grid. There is a detailed clinical illustration to furnish an example of the use of the Grid.Part II is a study of the most elemental bearings of the psycho-analytic clinic - free associations and free floating attention - which evolves from the study of Dreams, under the contributions of Bion (presented in volume I), as well as from the study of the analytic function and the function of the analyst (presented in volume II). In Part III Sandler shows how the pursuit of truth can be seen as one of the purposes of the psycho-analytic investigation in the clinic; a transdisciplinary study is presented, to assist the practicing analyst, around epistemological issues. Freud and Bion's contributions to it are scrutinized under some lights hitherto unused in the psycho-analytic literature. Part IV presents Sandler's proposals for expanding the observational power of existing Bion's theories; in this part another basic assumption, based on the original three proposed by Bion, is described, in connection with his contributions to the study of hallucinosis.

Studies In Extended Metapsychology

Author : Donald Meltzer
ISBN : 9781780493619
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 23. 8 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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New paperback edition. The work of Wilfred Bion, by its very nature being a major step forward in the psychoanalytical model making of the mental apparatus, will undoubtably require many years for its full assimilation into the thought and practice of workers in the field. To assist this process of assimilation two types of exposition are required: to help students read Bion's work in a comprehending way; and to show the way to the clinical application of this revolutionary modification of the working mosel of the mind.

New Directions In Psycho Analysis

Author : Melanie Klein
ISBN : 0415264847
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 36. 60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Tavistock Press was established as a co-operative venture between the Tavistock Institute and Routledge & Kegan Paul (RKP) in the 1950s to produce a series of major contributions across the social sciences. This volume is part of a 2001 reissue of a selection of those important works which have since gone out of print, or are difficult to locate. Published by Routledge, 112 volumes in total are being brought together under the name The International Behavioural and Social Sciences Library: Classics from the Tavistock Press. Reproduced here in facsimile, this volume was originally published in 1955 and is available individually. The collection is also available in a number of themed mini-sets of between 5 and 13 volumes, or as a complete collection.

The New Dictionary Of Kleinian Thought

Author : Elizabeth Bott Spillius
ISBN : 9781136717376
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 60. 34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The New Dictionary of Kleinian Thought provides a comprehensive and wholly accessible exposition of Kleinian ideas. Offering a thorough update of R.D. Hinshelwood’s highly acclaimed original, this book draws on the many developments in the field of Kleinian theory and practice since its publication. The book first addresses twelve major themes of Kleinian psychoanalytic thinking in scholarly essays organised both historically and thematically. Themes discussed include: unconscious phantasy, child analysis the paranoid schizoid and depressive positions, the oedipus complex projective identification, symbol formation. Following this, entries are listed alphabetically, allowing the reader to find out about a particular theme - from Karl Abraham to Whole Object - and to delve as lightly or as deeply as needed. As such this book will be essential reading for psychoanalysts, psychotherapists as well as all those with an interest in Kleinian thought.

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