spaces of pl manifolds and categories of simple maps am 186

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Spaces Of Pl Manifolds And Categories Of Simple Maps

Author : Friedhelm Waldhausen
ISBN : 9780691157764
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 63. 36 MB
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Since its introduction by Friedhelm Waldhausen in the 1970s, the algebraic K-theory of spaces has been recognized as the main tool for studying parametrized phenomena in the theory of manifolds. However, a full proof of the equivalence relating the two areas has not appeared until now. This book presents such a proof, essentially completing Waldhausen's program from more than thirty years ago. The main result is a stable parametrized h-cobordism theorem, derived from a homotopy equivalence between a space of PL h-cobordisms on a space X and the classifying space of a category of simple maps of spaces having X as deformation retract. The smooth and topological results then follow by smoothing and triangulation theory. The proof has two main parts. The essence of the first part is a "desingularization," improving arbitrary finite simplicial sets to polyhedra. The second part compares polyhedra with PL manifolds by a thickening procedure. Many of the techniques and results developed should be useful in other connections.

Surveys On Surgery Theory Am 149 Volume 2

Author : Sylvain Cappell
ISBN : 9781400865215
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 44. 32 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Surgery theory, the basis for the classification theory of manifolds, is now about forty years old. The sixtieth birthday (on December 14, 1996) of C.T.C. Wall, a leading member of the subject's founding generation, led the editors of this volume to reflect on the extraordinary accomplishments of surgery theory as well as its current enormously varied interactions with algebra, analysis, and geometry. Workers in many of these areas have often lamented the lack of a single source surveying surgery theory and its applications. Because no one person could write such a survey, the editors asked a variety of experts to report on the areas of current interest. This is the second of two volumes resulting from that collective effort. It will be useful to topologists, to other interested researchers, and to advanced students. The topics covered include current applications of surgery, Wall's finiteness obstruction, algebraic surgery, automorphisms and embeddings of manifolds, surgery theoretic methods for the study of group actions and stratified spaces, metrics of positive scalar curvature, and surgery in dimension four. In addition to the editors, the contributors are S. Ferry, M. Weiss, B. Williams, T. Goodwillie, J. Klein, S. Weinberger, B. Hughes, S. Stolz, R. Kirby, L. Taylor, and F. Quinn.

Surgery On Compact Manifolds

Author : Charles Terence Clegg Wall
ISBN : 9780821809426
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 85. 43 MB
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The publication of this book in 1970 marked the culmination of a period in the history of the topology of manifolds. This edition, based on the original text, is supplemented by notes on subsequent developments and updated references and commentaries.

An Introduction To Manifolds

Author : Loring W. Tu
ISBN : 9781441974006
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 20. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Manifolds, the higher-dimensional analogs of smooth curves and surfaces, are fundamental objects in modern mathematics. Combining aspects of algebra, topology, and analysis, manifolds have also been applied to classical mechanics, general relativity, and quantum field theory. In this streamlined introduction to the subject, the theory of manifolds is presented with the aim of helping the reader achieve a rapid mastery of the essential topics. By the end of the book the reader should be able to compute, at least for simple spaces, one of the most basic topological invariants of a manifold, its de Rham cohomology. Along the way, the reader acquires the knowledge and skills necessary for further study of geometry and topology. The requisite point-set topology is included in an appendix of twenty pages; other appendices review facts from real analysis and linear algebra. Hints and solutions are provided to many of the exercises and problems. This work may be used as the text for a one-semester graduate or advanced undergraduate course, as well as by students engaged in self-study. Requiring only minimal undergraduate prerequisites, 'Introduction to Manifolds' is also an excellent foundation for Springer's GTM 82, 'Differential Forms in Algebraic Topology'.

Orthogonal Polynomials And Their Applications

Author : Manuel Alfaro
ISBN : 9783540392958
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 33. 85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Segovia meeting set out to stimulate an intensive exchange of ideas between experts in the area of orthogonal polynomials and its applications, to present recent research results and to reinforce the scientific and human relations among the increasingly international community working in orthogonal polynomials. This volume contains original research papers as well as survey papers about fundamental questions in the field (Nevai, Rakhmanov & López) and its relationship with other fields such as group theory (Koornwinder), Padé approximation (Brezinski), differential equations (Krall, Littlejohn) and numerical methods (Rivlin).

Metric Spaces Of Non Positive Curvature

Author : Martin R. Bridson
ISBN : 3540643249
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 46. 26 MB
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The purpose of this book is to describe the global properties of complete simply connected spaces that are non-positively curved in the sense of A. D. Alexandrov and to examine the structure of groups that act properly on such spaces by isometries. Thus the central objects of study are metric spaces in which every pair of points can be joined by an arc isometric to a compact interval of the real line and in which every triangle satisfies the CAT(O) inequality. This inequality encapsulates the concept of non-positive curvature in Riemannian geometry and allows one to reflect the same concept faithfully in a much wider setting - that of geodesic metric spaces. Because the CAT(O) condition captures the essence of non-positive curvature so well, spaces that satisfy this condition display many of the elegant features inherent in the geometry of non-positively curved manifolds. There is therefore a great deal to be said about the global structure of CAT(O) spaces, and also about the structure of groups that act on them by isometries - such is the theme of this book. 1 The origins of our study lie in the fundamental work of A. D. Alexandrov .

Introduction To Compact Transformation Groups

Author :
ISBN : 9780080873596
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 55. 50 MB
Format : PDF
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Introduction to Compact Transformation Groups

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