signal processing and integrated circuits

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Signal Processing And Integrated Circuits

Author : Hussein Baher
ISBN : 9780470710265
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 87. 98 MB
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Managing patients with thrombotic vascular disease is complexand challenging: Ischemic vascular disease remains a complicated interplay ofatherosclerosis and thrombosis—even with the evolution in ourunderstanding of the pathobiology of thrombosis. There has been tremendous growth in therapeutic options whichare quickly finding their place in daily practice, including aremarkable expansion in the number of intravenous and oralantithrombotic agents and new antiplatelet agents Now more than ever, all cardiologists, hematologists, andspecialists in vascular medicine, as well as other professionals,such as hospital pharmacists, who deal with prognosis andintervention in preventing thrombosis, need a resource thatdistills current knowledge of this important subject. Written and edited by today’s leading international,Therapeutic Advances in Thrombosis, 2e providesphysicians with the very latest in medical and surgical advances inantithrombotic therapies. With this comprehensively updated editionyou get: Coverage of virtually all aspects of venous and arterialthrombotic disease and the corresponding therapies Strategies to manage specific clinical conditions and how totailor treatment to individual patient needs Updated chapters covering thrombolysis in ST-elevatedmyocardial infarctions; thrombosis in patients with diabetes,pregnancy, and renal dysfunction Special emphasis on the pharmacology of novel anticoagulantsand their practical use in venous thromboembolism and atrialfibrillation. Plus, all chapters fully explore clinical trial designs andoutcomes for particular treatment therapies, as well as contain therelevant ACC/AHA/ESC guidelines, so you can confidently apply whatyou learn.

Integrated Circuits For Analog Signal Processing

Author : Esteban Tlelo-Cuautle
ISBN : 9781461413837
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This book presents theory, design methods and novel applications for integrated circuits for analog signal processing. The discussion covers a wide variety of active devices, active elements and amplifiers, working in voltage mode, current mode and mixed mode. This includes voltage operational amplifiers, current operational amplifiers, operational transconductance amplifiers, operational transresistance amplifiers, current conveyors, current differencing transconductance amplifiers, etc. Design methods and challenges posed by nanometer technology are discussed and applications described, including signal amplification, filtering, data acquisition systems such as neural recording, sensor conditioning such as biomedical implants, actuator conditioning, noise generators, oscillators, mixers, etc. Presents analysis and synthesis methods to generate all circuit topologies from which the designer can select the best one for the desired application; Includes design guidelines for active devices/elements with low voltage and low power constraints; Offers guidelines for selecting the right active devices/elements in the design of linear and nonlinear circuits; Discusses optimization of the active devices/elements for process and manufacturing issues of nanometer technology.

Dsp Integrated Circuits

Author : Lars Wanhammar
ISBN : 0080504779
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 34. 23 MB
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DSP Integrated Circuits establishes the essential interface between theory of digital signal processing algorithms and their implementation in full-custom CMOS technology. With an emphasis on techniques for co-design of DSP algorithms and hardware in order to achieve high performance in terms of throughput, low power consumption, and design effort, this book provides the professional engineer, researcher, and student with a firm foundation in the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of designing high performance DSP integrated circuits. Centered around three design case studies, DSP Integrated Circuits thoroughly details a high-performance FFT processor, a 2-D Discrete Cosine Transform for HDTV, and a wave digital filter for interpolation of the sampling frequency. The case studies cover the essential parts of the design process in a top-down manner, from specification of algorithm design and optimization, scheduling of operations, synthesis of optimal architectures, realization of processing elements, to the floor-planning of the integrated circuit. Details the theory and design of digital filters - particularly wave digital filters, multi-rate digital filters, fast Fourier transforms (FFT's), and discrete cosine transforms (DCT's) Follows three complete "real-world" case studies throughout the book Provides complete coverage of finite word length effects in DSP algorithms In-depth survey of the computational properties of DSP algorithms and their mapping to optimal architectures Outlines DSP architectures and parallel, bit-serial, and distributed arithmetic Presents the design process in a top-down manner and incorporates numerous problems and solutions

Analog Interfaces For Digital Signal Processing Systems

Author : Frank op 't Eynde
ISBN : 9781461532569
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 29. 28 MB
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It is a great honor to provide an introduction for Dr. Frank Op 't Eynde's and Dr. Willy Sansen's book "Analog Interfaces for Digital Signal Processing Systems". The field of analog integrated circuit design is undergoing rapid evolution. The pervasiveness of digital processing has considerably modified the micro-system architectures: the analog part of complex mixed systems is more and more pushed at the boundary limits of the processing chain. Moreover, the increased performance of digital circuits, in terms of accuracy and speed, are making the specification requirements of analog circuits very strict. In addition to this, the technology, supply voltage and power consumption of analog circuits must be compatible with those, typical for digital circuits. Therefore, in a few words, analog circuits are becoming complex and specialised interfaces between the real world and digital signal processing domains. This technological evolution should be accompanied by an equivalently fast evolution in designer competencies. Knowledge of complicated signal handling should be quickly replaced by know-how of simple but very accurate and very fast signal processing and a solid background in data conversion techniques. All of this through the use of the CMOS (and possibly BiCMOS) technology.

Optical Signal Processing In Photonic Integrated Circuits With Mode Locked Lasers And Optoelectronic Cavities

Author :
ISBN : 0549842632
Genre :
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In this dissertation we will discuss novel optoelectronic resonant cavities and mode locked lasers made using a variety of monolithic and hybrid integration techniques. The specific devices discussed are optoelectronic resonant cavities consisting of a traveling wave photodetector hybrid integrated with an electrical amplifier and filter, monolithic InP distributed Bragg reflector mirror mode locked lasers, and hybrid silicon evanescent mode locked lasers. In each case, these devices are or can be integrated with other components to form novel types of photonic integrated circuits. These novel devices are shown to be practical via experimental demonstrations in a variety of applications, with a consistent emphasis on optical clock recovery.

Analog Mos Integrated Circuits For Signal Processing

Author : Roubik Gregorian
ISBN : 0471625698
Genre : Linear integrated circuits
File Size : 55. 55 MB
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Describes the operating principles of analog MOS integrated circuits and to teach the reader how to design and use such circuits. Examples of these devices include switched-capacitor filters, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, amplifiers, modulators and oscillators. The main emphasis is on the physical operation and on the design process. It is hoped that the book will be used as a senior- or graduate-level text in the electrical engineering curriculum of universities and also as training and reference material for industrial circuit designers.

High Performance Vlsi Technologies Integrated Circuits And Architecture For Digital Signal Processing

Author : Richard Webster Linderman
ISBN : CORNELL:31924003969841
Genre : Computers
File Size : 22. 72 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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