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Post Conflict Performance Film And Visual Arts

Author : Des O'Rawe
ISBN : 1137439548
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 37. 66 MB
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Drawing on a range of cities and conflicts from Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the collection explores the post-conflict condition as it is lived and expressed in modern cities such as Berlin, Belfast, Bilbao, Beirut, Derry, Skopje, Sarajevo, Tunis, Johannesburg and Harare. Post-Conflict Performance, Film and Visual Arts: Cities of Memory investigates how the memory of conflict can be inscribed in historical monuments, human bodies and hermeneutic acts of mapping, traversing, representing, and performing the city. Several essays explore the relations between memory, history and urban space; where memory is located and how it is narrated, as well as various aspects of embodied memory; testimonial memory; traumatic memory; counter-memory; false memory; post-memory. Other essays examine the representations of post-war cities and how cultural imaginations relate to the politics of reconstruction in places devastated by protracted urban warfare. Post-Conflict Performance, Film and Visual Arts: Cities of Memory offers a comparative survey of the complex and often controversial encounters between public art, political memory and commemoration in divided societies, as well as offering insights into the political and ethical difficulties of balancing the dynamics of forgetting and remembering.

Art And Trauma In Africa

Author : Lizelle Bisschoff
ISBN : 9781848856929
Genre : Art
File Size : 58. 13 MB
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The traumas of conflict and war in postcolonial Africa have been widely documented, but less well-known are their artistic representations. A number of recent films, novels, and other art forms have sought to engage with and overcome post-colonial atrocities and to explore the attempts of reconciliation commissions towards peace, justice and forgiveness. This creativity reflects the memories and social identities of the artists, whilst offering a mirror to African and worldwide audiences coming to terms with a collective memory that is often traumatic in itself. Questioning perception and interpretation, these new art forms challenge the inexpressible nature of atrocities. This groundbreaking volume will inspire those interested in African history and politics as well as broader cultural and artistic studies.

Women Waging War And Peace

Author : Sandra I. Cheldelin
ISBN : 9781441144935
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 41. 61 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Education And Reconciliation

Author : Julia Paulson
ISBN : 9781441153258
Genre : Education
File Size : 23. 36 MB
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Explores the role education has played in fostering or hindering reconciliation between groups divided by violent and/or social conflict. >

The Archive As A Productive Space Of Conflict

Author : Stuart Bailey
ISBN : 1934105864
Genre :
File Size : 56. 72 MB
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The applied research project and publication 'The archive as a productive space of conflict' deals with archival practice and its spatial repercussions. Inquiring whether any accumulation and organization of knowledge is productive—to the effect that it generates a narrative and/or history—the project focuses specifically on archives becoming productive due to their spatial framework. Consequently, the project debates the conflicts that arise when the topological and architectural structure of archives overcome existing models of reservoirs and storage units. The project interrogates whether archives necessarily need to be exposed to spatial permanence, and, if so, what design framework has to be applied in order for those components to be able to take on more than a singular form of existence.

Cuba Represent

Author : Sujatha Fernandes
ISBN : 9780822388227
Genre : Art
File Size : 69. 35 MB
Format : PDF
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In Cuba something curious has happened over the past fifteen years. The government has allowed vocal criticism of its policies to be expressed within the arts. Filmmakers, rappers, and visual and performance artists have addressed sensitive issues including bureaucracy, racial and gender discrimination, emigration, and alienation. How can this vibrant body of work be reconciled with the standard representations of a repressive, authoritarian cultural apparatus? In Cuba Represent! Sujatha Fernandes—a scholar and musician who has performed in Cuba—answers that question. Combining textual analyses of films, rap songs, and visual artworks; ethnographic material collected in Cuba; and insights into the nation’s history and political economy, Fernandes details the new forms of engagement with official institutions that have opened up as a result of changing relationships between state and society in the post-Soviet period. She demonstrates that in a moment of extreme hardship and uncertainty, the Cuban state has moved to a more permeable model of power. Artists and other members of the public are collaborating with government actors to partially incorporate critical cultural expressions into official discourse. The Cuban leadership has come to recognize the benefits of supporting artists: rappers offer a link to increasingly frustrated black youth in Cuba; visual artists are an important source of international prestige and hard currency; and films help unify Cubans through community discourse about the nation. Cuba Represent! reveals that part of the socialist government’s resilience stems from its ability to absorb oppositional ideas and values.

Interrogating Trauma

Author : Mick Broderick
ISBN : 9781317986669
Genre : Art
File Size : 81. 66 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Throughout the past century, traumatic experiences have been re-enacted frequently by evolving media and art forms. Now there is a significant body of theory across academic disciplines focused on the representation of cataclysmic European and US historical events. However, less critical attention has been devoted to the representation of havoc outside the West, even though depictions of Third-World disasters saturate contemporary media and art around the globe. This book considers traumatic histories internationally in a broad range of creative arts and visual media representations. Deploying diverse applications of the conventional theories of trauma, it examines the theoretical limitations at the same time as considering alternative methodologies. Interrogating Trauma is concerned with the examination of the concept of trauma, and how it is (often unproblematically) used to theorise the cultural representation of disaster and atrocity. It offers a theorisation of trauma, in order to reappraise the relationship between cultural representation and the socio-historical processes which are marked by violence, conflict and suffering. This book was published as a special issue of Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies.

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