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Nobel Prizes That Changed Medicine

Author : Gilbert Thompson
ISBN : 9781848169524
Genre : Reference
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Tony Seed, Gilbert Thompson, Jackie Downs and John MacDermot at the book's launch in London This book brings together in one volume fifteen Nobel Prize-winning discoveries that have had the greatest impact upon medical science and the practice of medicine during the 20th century and up to the present time. Its overall aim is to enlighten, entertain and stimulate. This is especially so for those who are involved in or contemplating a career in medical research. Anyone interested in the particulars of a specific award or Laureate can obtain detailed information on the topic by accessing the Nobel Foundation's website. In contrast, this book aims to provide a less formal and more personal view of the science and scientists involved, by having prominent academics write a chapter each about a Nobel Prize-winning discovery in their own areas of interest and expertise. Contents:The Discovery of Insulin (Robert Tattersall)The Discovery of the Cure for Pernicious Anaemia, Vitamin B12 (A Victor Hoffbrand)The Discovery of Penicillin (Eric Sidebottom)The Introduction of Cardiac Catheterization (Tony Seed)The Discovery of the Structure of DNA (James Scott and Gilbert Thompson)The Interpretation of the Genetic Code (John MacDermot and Ellis Kempner)The Discovery of Neuropeptides and Radioimmunoassay of Peptide Hormones (Jaimini Cegla and Stephen Bloom)The Development of Computer-Assisted Tomography (Adrian M K Thomas)The Discovery of Prostaglandins (Rod Flower)The Antibody Problem and the Generation of Monoclonal Antibodies (Herman Waldmann and Celia P Milstein)The Discovery of the LDL Receptor and Its Role in Cholesterol Metabolism (Gilbert Thompson)The Invention of the Polymerase Chain Reaction and Use of Site-Directed Mutagenesis (Anne K Soutar)The Discovery of the Pathophysiological Role of Nitric Oxide in Blood Vessels (Keith M Channon)The Discovery of Helicobacter pylori (Chris Hawkey)The Discovery of RNA Interference — Gene Silencing by Double-Stranded RNA (Richard P Hull and Timothy J Aitman) Readership: Students, undergraduates, graduates, professionals and members of the general public interested in the impact of Nobel Prize-winning discoveries in medicine. Keywords:Insulin;Vitamin B12;Penicillin;Cardiac Catheterisation;DNA;Genetic Code;Peptide Hormones;Computer Assisted Tomography;Prostaglandins;Monoclonal Antibodies;LDL Receptor;Polymerase Chain Reaction;Nitric Oxide;Helicobacter Pylori;Gene-SilencingKey Features:Many of the authors in this book have personal knowledge of the Nobel Laureates they write aboutAll authors are distinguished authorities in their own fields of studyNo other book has brought together the Nobel Prizes in such a way-highlighting the greatest influences on the practice of Medicine, dating from the discovery of insulin in 1923 to the description of the gene-silencing effect of double-stranded RNA in 2006Reviews:“Clear annotation and ample documentation add to the value of this important book.”CHOICE “This is an interesting book aimed at a scientific reader with some knowledge of biochemistry and physiology. ”Bulletin of The Royal College of Pathologists “Many see the Nobel Prize as an award for original discoveries that enhance understanding, but these essays show how much medicine can deliver for human good and with almost immediate application. What characterizes Nobel Prizes That Changed Medicine is the extraordinary percipience of those who draw from a vast electric range of observations in the foreground of practice and crystallize their scientific ideas uncontaminated by dogma.”Clinical Medicine

The Man Who Touched His Own Heart

Author : Rob Dunn
ISBN : 9780316225809
Genre : Science
File Size : 82. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The secret history of our most vital organ--the human heart The Man Who Touched His Own Heart tells the raucous, gory, mesmerizing story of the heart, from the first "explorers" who dug up cadavers and plumbed their hearts' chambers, through the first heart surgeries-which had to be completed in three minutes before death arrived-to heart transplants and the latest medical efforts to prolong our hearts' lives, almost defying nature in the process. Thought of as the seat of our soul, then as a mysteriously animated object, the heart is still more a mystery than it is understood. Why do most animals only get one billion beats? (And how did modern humans get to over two billion-effectively letting us live out two lives?) Why are sufferers of gingivitis more likely to have heart attacks? Why do we often undergo expensive procedures when cheaper ones are just as effective? What do Da Vinci, Mary Shelley, and contemporary Egyptian archaeologists have in common? And what does it really feel like to touch your own heart, or to have someone else's beating inside your chest? Rob Dunn's fascinating history of our hearts brings us deep inside the science, history, and stories of the four chambers we depend on most.

100 Years Of Nobel Prizes

Author : Baruch Aba Shalev
ISBN : 0935047379
Genre : History
File Size : 26. 15 MB
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Winning a Nobel Price is unquestionably the highest possible recognition of intellectual and personal achievement. This book provides a detailed statistical analysis of what is required to win a Nobel, why it sometimes takes a long time to collect the award, and what the prizes have meant to human progress.

Medical Genetics For The Modern Clinician

Author : Judith A. Westman
ISBN : 0781757606
Genre : Medical
File Size : 61. 78 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Medical Genetics for the Modern Clinician is a concise, clinically oriented introductory genetics text for medical and allied health students, residents, and clinicians. The book focuses sharply on concepts that are most applicable to clinical practice. Ethics sections in each chapter discuss ethical issues facing today's practitioner, such as counseling, risk assessment, and testing. More than 120 illustrations help students visualize concepts. Each chapter ends with USMLE-style review questions. Appendices include a glossary and a Table of Genes that lists all genes covered in the text by chapter. Faculty resources, case studies, and downloadable full-color images will be available on

The Nobel Peace Prize 1901 2000

Author : Emeka Nwabunnia
ISBN : 0761835733
Genre : Reference
File Size : 53. 66 MB
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This reference book is a comprehensive guide to the twentieth century Nobel Prize winners and record-breakers. Entries are analyzed and separated according to historical perspectives, gender, origin, and Nobel statistical data, which elicits an overall appreciation for the power and enduring significance of the prizes and the prizewinners. These carefully gathered records are an invaluable source to any private or public reference library.


Author : Jim Murphy
ISBN : 0547821832
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 45. 76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In 1944 an unprecedented surgical procedure repaired the heart of a child with blue baby syndrome lack of blood oxygen caused by a congenital defect. This landmark operation opened the way for all types of open heart surgery.The team that developed it included a cardiologist and a surgeon, but most of the actual work was done by Vivien Thomas, an African American lab assistant who was frequently mistaken for a janitor."

The Immanent Disastor A Vision On Climate Change

Author : Singh
ISBN : 8178357100
Genre : Climatic changes
File Size : 81. 30 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Section I of the book entitled The Immanent Disaster : A Vision of Climate Change consists of Ch. I to IX. It discusses that every event/organism is governed by immutable laws of Life, by Cosmic Consciousness, by Life Field. The truth of man or the truth of nature is the Oneness or Wholeness of Life. Only the Intelligence of Love and Compassion can resolve the problems of life. The Section II of the book is entitled Creativity and Innovation and consist of Ch. X to XXI. If the researcher is interested in profit making [materialism], the intuition falls to innovation [symbolic-dualistic frame of reference]. The research will have to repeat the whole process of quantum leap form innovation to intuition. Hideki Yukawa, Nobel prize in physics, wrote, The need for a reform is not without, but within . Mutation is not in future, it can only be now. Prof. R.K. Pachauri, in November 2007 predicted that only a few years are left to avert the worst. The Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh releases an Action Plan on Climate Change on June 30, 2008.We need Understanding, Direct Perception, Freedom, Science of the Wholeness of Life and art of living in Universal Consciousness. If India is to avoid the crisis of turning into disaster, it has to understand Consciousness here and now and to live that understanding.

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