learn english your guide to everyday conversation

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Learn English Your Guide To Everyday Conversation

Author : Yogesh Kumar
Language : English
File Size : 47,1 MB
Format : PDF
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"I really appreciate the quality and depth this book has. This book covers wide range of day to day conversation. It is very useful for everyone who has fear of speaking in English language. I have never seen such a great value at a highly reasonable price. Strongly recommend for people those are interested in speaking English in a short span of time."

CA Shiv Singhal, Director, Devalya Education Private Limited

Product Description

You want to speak English. This is the book you need.
You may find it difficult to learn and speak English in the absence of right guidance. This book provides a blueprint to practice every day conversation. It offers practical approach to learn English, and it also helps you to overcome grammatical blunders by covering following aspects:

Part 1- How to describe your present

Part 2 - How to describe a person or a place

Part 3 - How to describe your past

Part 4 - How to describe a conversation

Part 5 - How to describe something step by step

Part 6 - How to describe a social topic

Part 7 - How to describe your imagination

In my first book Speak English Like a Star, my purpose was to help you to understand conceptual English. This book is meant to take you to next level and it will help you to speak English confidently and comfortably in office or at home or with strangers.
Answer following questions to know whether this book is right choice for you

1. Do you find it difficult to express your views?

2. Do you commit grammatical errors while writing English or speaking English?

3. Do you need a script for everyday English conversation?

If answer to any of above questions is “yes”, this book is one of the best resources to overcome your challenges. Buy this book if English speaking has become a barrier in your career and you want to speak English to take your career to next level.

About Author

Yogesh has been helping people to develop command of English, communication and career skills. He caters to job seekers, working professionals and corporate primarily. He is author of Speak English Like a Star and Unlock Your Confidence Overnight. He has also developed video training program on spoken English; namely, Learn English at Home.
His articles on communication and career development have been read by more than 200000 people on different sites. He makes you speak English from day one and his passion is to help you to become better communicator and achieve your goals by applying best strategies.

Everyday Balinese Your Guide To Speaking Balinese Quickly And Effortlessly In A Few Hours

Author : I Gusti Made Sutjaja
Language : English
File Size : 48,34 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 925
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This is a concise and user–friendly guide to the Balinese language

Everyday Balinese is targeted to anyone who wishes to learn to speak colloquial Balinese. There are 23 lessons in the book, each with a dialogue that centers around the Balinese daily life. These realistic beginner Balinese dialogues are a great way to learn Balinese as it is really spoken. The dialogue is presented twice: The first version representing the lumrah or common Balinese; the second the alus or refined Balinese. Both versions are exactly the same grammatically; the difference lies in the word choice. Lumrah or common words are used by participants of equal social status in a conversation, and it reflects intimacy and informality among the users. Alus or refined words are associated with distancing and formality among users in a conversation.

Each lesson contains a section on the grammar an word function, as well as a list of words in both the lumrah and alus forms, followed by their Indonesian and English equivalents. Each lesson ends with a section on sentence construction—how to use the structures taught to make simple sentences.

The book has a pronunciation guide at the front, and a section or greeting, ordinal numbers and a handy dictionary at the end. The dictionary is arranged alphabetically by Balinese, followed by their Indonesian and English equivalents.

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