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From Abraham To Armageddon

Author : T. W. Tramm
ISBN : 0615255345
Genre : Religion
File Size : 70. 93 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Most Christians are either misinformed or blissfully unaware of how current events in the Middle East portend the fulfillment of major Bible prophecies. 'From Abraham to Armageddon: The Convergence of Current Events, Bible Prophecy, and Islam, ' explains how past, present, and future events in the Middle East relate to the rise of the Bible's "Islamic Antichrist." From the beginning of the Arab-Israeli conflict, to the birth of Islam, to the rise, demise, and ultimate regeneration of an Islamic empire, or "Caliphate," that will lead to a climactic showdown at Armageddon, T.W. Tramm makes sense of Bible passages that have baffled scholars for centuries: Learn about the mystery of "666"; the seven-headed, ten-horned beast of Revelation and its mysterious 'head wound'; the 'image of the beast'; and much more. (NOTE: This book has an updated cover; the content remains the same.)

Northern Armageddon

Author : D. Peter MacLeod
ISBN : 9781101946954
Genre : History
File Size : 56. 7 MB
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A huge, ambitious re-creation of the eighteenth-century Battle of the Plains of Abraham, the pivotal battle in the Seven Years’ War (1754–1763) to win control of the trans-Appalachian region of North America, a battle consisting of the British and American colonists on one side and the French and the Iroquois Confederacy on the other, and leading directly to the colonial War of Independence and the creation of Canada. It took five years of warfare fought on three continents—Europe, Asia, and North America—to bring the forces arrayed against one another—Britain, Prussia, and Hanover against France, Austria, Sweden, Saxony, Russia, and Spain (Churchill called it “the first world war”)—to the plateau outside Quebec City, on September 13, 1759, on fields owned a century before by a fisherman named Abraham Martin . . . It was the final battle of a three-month siege by the British Army and Navy of Quebec, the walled city that controlled access to the St. Lawrence River and the continent’s entire network of waterways; a battle with the British utilizing 15,000 soldiers, employing 186 ships, with hundreds of colonists aboard British warships and transports from Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, with France sending in a mere 400 reinforcements in addition to its 3,500 soldiers. The battle on the Plains of Abraham lasted twenty minutes, and at its finish the course of a continent was changed forever . . . New military tactics were used for the first time against standard European formations . . . Generals Wolfe and Montcalm each died of gunshot wounds . . . France surrendered Quebec to the British, setting the course for the future of Canada, paving the way for the signing of the Treaty of Paris that gave the British control of North America east of the Mississippi, and forcing France to relinquish its claims on New Orleans and to give the lands west of the Mississippi to Spain for surrendering Florida to the British. After the decisive battle, Britain’s maritime and colonial supremacy was assured, its hold on the thirteen American colonies tightened. The American participation in ousting the French as a North American power spurred the confidence of the people of New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, who began to agitate for independence from Great Britain. Sixteen years later, France, still bitter over the loss of most of its colonial empire, intervened on behalf of the patriots in the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783). In Northern Armageddon, Peter MacLeod, using original research—diaries, journals, letters, and firsthand accounts—and bringing to bear all of his extensive knowledge and grasp of warfare and colonial North American history, tells the epic story on a human scale. He writes of the British at Quebec through the eyes of a master’s mate on one of the ships embroiled in the battle. And from the French perspective, as the British bombarded Quebec, of four residents of the city—a priest, a clerk, a nun, and a notary—caught in the crossfire. MacLeod gives us as well the large-scale ramifications of this clash of armies, not only on the shape of North America, but on the history of Europe itself. A stunning work of military history.

2012 2015 The Season Of Return

Author : T. W. Tramm
ISBN : 0578050242
Genre : Religion
File Size : 26. 5 MB
Format : PDF
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What do the "Feasts of the Lord," the ancient Hebrew jubilee cycles, Isaac Newton's Interpretation of Daniel 9, blood moon eclipses, the Mayan Long Count calendar, and even increasing UFO activity have in common? They are all pieces of a larger puzzle, a puzzle that when assembled points directly to a specific timeframe -- 2012-2015 -- as likely to herald the fulfillment of major biblical prophecies. Take a fast-paced tour through a fascinating array of topics you will not find covered in any other single book, as the author interweaves the beliefs of the Early Church with the interpretations of famed scientist and Bible scholar Isaac Newton, and applies both to some recently discovered "signs," to arrive at a stunning conclusion: the Season of Return is upon us.

Rose Guide To The Temple

Author : Rose Publishing
ISBN : 9781596365643
Genre : Religion
File Size : 53. 10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In the late afternoon sunlight, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is one of the most breathtaking places in the world. This was the site of Solomon's great Temple, a "house of prayer for all people" - the center of worship and celebration. Rose Guide to the Temple is a full-color Christian ebook that provides a complete easy-to-understand overview of the history of the Temple in Jerusalem. If you enjoy studying God's Word, you will love the fact that Rose Guide to the Temple answers many questions about how the Temple looked during biblical times. Bible scholars and professors will enjoy the well-annotated text. The author is archaeologist and professor Dr. Randall Price, who has spent more than 30 years exploring the Holy Land and studying the Temple. Rose Guide to the Temple has 150 images, charts, diagrams, photos, and illustrations, many of which have never published before, and covers the important events and people in the history of the Temple from Abraham to modern day, including: •Pre-Temple Sanctuaries (The Garden of Eden and the Tabernacle) •The First Temple -Solomon's Temple, King David, King Solomon, directions for the "House of the Lord" •The Temple Complex-The Courtyard, Brazen Altar, Molten Sea, Bronze Basins •The Holy Place-Golden Lampstand, Table of the Bread of the Presence, Altar of Incense •Holy of Holies-The Veil, Ark of the Covenant, Cherubim •Eight purposes of the Temple •Priestly duties •Feasts of the Bible •Destruction of the Temple •Time line of the Temple (there are 5 detailed time lines in this book) •The Second Temple-Zerubbabel's Temple •The Second Temple Expanded-Herod's Temple •The gates, porches, and courts of the Temple •The Temple's importance at Jesus' time •Destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans •History of the Temple Mount during the Roman and Byzantine Periods •Islamic Period and Dome of the Rock •From the Crusades to the Modern Era •Political struggle for the Temple Mount •The Future Temple-Ezekiel's Temple •The Temple Scroll •The New Jerusalem

Armageddon Now

Author : Jim Willis
ISBN : 9781578591688
Genre : History
File Size : 57. 70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Two hundred entries explore end-of-the-world scenarios from religious, secular, scientific, and supernatural perspectives, including coverage of predictions, prophets, and native traditions.

Armageddon Again

Author : John Bliss
ISBN : 9781617770333
Genre : Religion
File Size : 30. 31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Join author John Bliss in his theological study, Armageddon Again: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Headed, and discover the hidden truth about the many wonders of the world. Learn the basics for pursuing our destiny through revealing our past and the three worldwide cataclysmic periods: fire, ice and water. Whether you are a novice to theology or a scholar, this book will unlock your inner curiosity about religion and our future. Armageddon Again suggests that we are on the cusp of one final period of fire, as stated not only in Scripture but countless other ancient reports. Ancient records detail that Satan misguided man through cataclysmic events to incorporate an advanced and technological way of life that led them away from God. Proof is scattered across our planet that ancient civilizations were more technologically advanced than we are today and built what Bliss calls Wonderworks: magnificent stone structures and drawings etched into the earth's landscape. Armageddon Again is the key that opens the door to our hidden past and certain future that is critical for all of mankind to know. Everybody on the face of the planet, regardless of their religion, must realize that we are all bonded by the same history that draws us to the Divine. This history has been hidden from us by Satan in order to keep us from being in union with our heavenly Father. This union is the catalyst to not only usher in Jesus as King on Earth, but to also save those from the final cataclysm of fire that Scripture and other cultural texts warn us about. Once these revelations are brought to light, we will have no choice but to change how we live both physically and spiritually. John Bliss resides in Center Line, Michigan, with his wife, Mary. They have four children and are blessed with three grandchildren who live in Vancouver, Washington.

Escape From Armageddon

Author : Samuel E. West
ISBN : 9781553694175
Genre : Religion
File Size : 29. 40 MB
Format : PDF
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Through a study of Biblical teachings, commentaries, and ecclesiastical histories, you will learn exactly what Apocalyptic events are coming on the earth, when they are coming, why God is bringing such judgments, who will be most affected, and what escape has been provided by God. Learn about the 7000 year dateline of mortal man. The first 2000 years was the Patriarchal Age (Adam to Abraham). Next, was the 2000 year Time of Israel. The next 2000 years was the Time of Gentiles. The last 1000 years will see Jesus return to the house of Israel, gather them from heaven and earth, and establish them as His people for the thousand year Sabbath of Creation and eternity. Heaven will be here on earth; with a New Jerusalem in North America and with Jerusalem as the cities of God and Jesus. The Bible teaches all of the Apocalyptic events will occur by 2007. Man cannot begin to imagine the horror of these events. They will make the Great Flood seem like a brief shower. Only a third of the house of Israel is to survive. Gentiles will be, "as though they had not been." The world is to be scourged with asteroid/comet impacts, fire, hail, pestilence, famine, and a decease that will end all nations. Death will be more common than life. Only a relatively few will survive. Here is the untold story of why God stopped speaking to man in 99 AD; and when He was to speak again. The Bible tells how a beast (kingdom) destroyed the Church of Christ, divine authority, and finally every saint of God on the earth. Learn how Constantine, in 325 AD, amalgamated pagan Rome with Christianity; and created this beast of Revelations that was to rule supreme over the souls of man for 1260 years. Discover how the Bible provides the true story of this beast, the image of the beast, the mark of the beast, and antiChrist. There was to be a brief restoration of divine authority in the last days; and then only a very small remnant would remain to offer escape. When Jesus returns, He is to destroy those who do not know God and do not obey the gospel. This book reveals the true character, attributes, and will of God. Here is the true identity of Jesus Christ. Learn of the original gospel of Christ. The relationship between God and His people is traced from Adam to the end of mortal man. Most important, here is the only Biblical escape from Armageddon; and path to eternal life.

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