dioxin and related compounds special volume in honor of otto hutzinger

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Dioxin And Related Compounds

Author : Mehran Alaee
ISBN : 9783319238890
Genre : Science
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This volume is a tribute to Professor Otto Hutzinger, the founding editor of The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry, in recognition of his pioneering work and contribution to our understanding of the sources, fate, exposure and effects of persistent organic pollutants. It consists of fourteen chapters written by individuals who have been inspired by his work and have followed in his footsteps by refining our knowledge of this field and opening new research directions. In Professor Hutzinger’s tradition of passing on valuable information to others, the authors present recent advances in areas such as inventories, remediation, and analytical determinations. Levels and trends in abiotic environments, biota, and human exposure via food, as well as the risks to the environment and humans from polychlorinated dibenzo dioxins, furans, and PCBs are also discussed. Other chapters deal with the relevant topics of DDT and its metabolites along with halogenated and phosphorus flame retardants.

A Century Of Separation Science

Author : Haleem J. Issaq
ISBN : 0824705769
Genre : Science
File Size : 64. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A Century of Separation Science presents an extensive overview of the critical developments in separation science since 1900, covering recent advances in chromatography, electrophoresis, field-flow fractionation, countercurrent chromatography, and supercritical fluid chromatography for high-speed and high-throughput analysis.

Reproductive Health And The Environment

Author : P. Nicolopoulou-Stamati
ISBN : 9781402048289
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 42. 62 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The scope of environmental impact on reproduction is very large. It aims at covering all aspects of reproductive problems and their links to the environment. Therefore, it deals with female and male reproductive impairments, whatever their severity and their sites, gonad or extra-gonad. For women, effects include direct lesions of the oocyte, with possibilities of chromosomal abnormalities but also malformations of the reproductive tract. Reduced fertility and in some cases total infertility may also result from menstrual irregularities, which can at times include anovulatory cycles. Hormonal changes, even in the absence of menstrual irregularities may also lead to decreased fertility. In addition to congenital malformations, other impairments of the reproductive apparatus may occur, as in the polycystic ovarian syndrome or in endometriosis. Finally one can also include effects during pregnancy leading to spontaneous abortion, preterm delivery still birth or altered sex ratio. Impacts on age at menarche and age at menopause lead to a change in the duration of reproductive life.

Dandyism In The Age Of Revolution

Author : Elizabeth Amann
ISBN : 9780226187396
Genre : History
File Size : 33. 39 MB
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From the color of a politician’s tie, to exorbitantly costly haircuts, to the size of an American flag pin adorning a lapel, it’s no secret that style has political meaning. And there was no time in history when the politics of fashion was more fraught than during the French Revolution. In the 1790s almost any article of clothing could be scrutinized for evidence of one’s political affiliation. A waistcoat with seventeen buttons, for example, could be a sign of counterrevolution—a reference to Louis XVII—and earn its wearer a trip to the guillotine. In Dandyism in the Age of Revolution, Elizabeth Amann shows that in France, England, and Spain, daring dress became a way of taking a stance toward the social and political upheaval of the period. France is the centerpiece of the story, not just because of the significance of the Revolution but also because of the speed with which its politics and fashions shifted. Dandyism in France represented an attempt to recover a political center after the extremism of the Terror, while in England and Spain it offered a way to reflect upon the turmoil across the Channel and Pyrenees. From the Hair Powder Act, which required users of the product to purchase a permit, to the political implications of the feather in Yankee Doodle’s hat, Amann aims to revise our understanding of the origins of modern dandyism and to recover the political context from which it emerged.

Mindful Leadership For Dummies

Author : Juliet Adams
ISBN : 9781119068778
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 37. 7 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The easy way to become a more mindful leader Want to become a more mindful leader? With Mindful Leadership For Dummies, you'll find accessible and authoritative guidance for cultivating focus, clarity, and creativity from within your colleagues. Packed full of useful tips, this friendly how-to guide will help you incorporate mindfulness in your leadership style to manage and reap the benefits of a more attentive working life—all while nurturing compassion in the service of others. You'll discover how mindfulness can help improve decision-making and communication skills, manage modern workday challenges, and so much more. Mindful leadership is currently a high-trending topic in the self-help/business world, making headlines in such prominent publications as Forbes, Time magazine and The Guardian, and even earning a dedicated blog on Huffington Post. And all for good reason—the benefits of practicing mindfulness in the workplace are far-reaching, and as we begin to uncover more research that supports its effectiveness, it's no wonder business leaders are jumping aboard this positive bandwagon. Includes tips on incorporating mindfulness into your leadership style Shows you how mindfulness can help develop and deepen your leadership qualities Explains how mindfulness enhances productivity and minimizes the effects of stress in the workplace Outlines how adding mindfulness to your leadership approach will enable you to make positive choices that support your well-being If you're a businessperson looking to add mindfulness to your leadership tool belt, Mindful Leadership For Dummies has everything you need to get started today.

Microbial Extracellular Polymeric Substances

Author : Jost Wingender
ISBN : 3540657207
Genre : Science
File Size : 81. 17 MB
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Microbial extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) are the key components for the aggregation of microorganisms in biofilms, flocs and sludge. They are composed of polysaccharides, proteins, nucleic acids, lipids and other biological macromolecules. EPS provide a highly hydrated gel matrix in which microbial cells can establish stable synergistic consortia. Cohesion and adhesion as well as morphology, structure, biological function and other properties such as mechanical stability, diffusion, sorption and optical properties of microbial aggregates are determined by the EPS matrix. Also, the protection of biofilm organisms against biocides is attributed to the EPS. Their matrix allows phase separation in biofiltration and is also important for the degradation of particulate material which is of great importance for the self purification processes in surface waters and for waste water treatment. In this volume, analysis, characterization, composition, regulation, function and interactions of microbial EPS are covered.

American Governor

Author : Matt Katz
ISBN : 9781476782683
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 29. 98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The ultimate insider to Chris Christie’s 2016 presidential campaign delivers a definitive biography of the popular and controversial governor of New Jersey—including the true story behind the Bridgegate lane-closure scandal. Journalist Matt Katz has been covering Christie since 2011 and has seen firsthand how the governor appeals to the public through his tactics, rhetoric, and personality. In American Governor, Katz weaves a compelling on-the-ground political narrative that begins with the roots of his family’s journey to America and takes us through his upset victory over Governor Jon Corzine and then along the road to his announcement of his candidacy for the highest office in the country. Packed with exclusive information, interviews, and anecdotes, American Governor illustrates how Christie evolved from an unpopular perennial candidate running for local office to the most watched Republican in the country, a populist with leadership skills, charm, and luck seemingly unparalleled by any other up-and-coming politician. Christie has proven himself a dynamic force of nature by emerging wounded but not unbowed after Bridgegate—a scandal that would have destroyed another politician’s rising star. A political biography by an inside source who’s been on the Chris Christie beat longer than any reporter in New Jersey, American Governor is a thrilling and absorbing look at the modern making of a man and a politician.

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