black holes cosmology and extra dimensions

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Black Holes Cosmology And Extra Dimensions

Author : Kirill A Bronnikov
ISBN : 9789814440028
Genre : Science
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Assuming foundational knowledge of special and general relativity, this book guides the reader on issues surrounding black holes, wormholes, cosmology, and extra dimensions. Its first part is devoted to local strong field configurations (black holes and wormholes) in general relativity and the most relevant of alternative theories: scalar–tensor, f(R) and multidimensional theories. The second part is on cosmology, including inflation and a unified description of the whole evolution of the universe. The third part concerns multidimensional theories of gravity and contains a number of original results obtained by the authors. Expository work is conducted for a mechanism of symmetries and fundamental constants formation, while the original approach to nonlinear multidimensional gravity that is able to construct a unique perspective describing different phenomena is highlighted. Much of the content is new in book publications, because it was previously found only in journal publications, e.g. regarding regular black holes, various scalar field solutions, wormholes and their stability, and multidimensional gravity. Contents:Modern Ideas of Gravitation and Cosmology — A Brief EssayGravitation:Fundamentals of General RelativitySpherically Symmetric Space-Times. Black HolesBlack Holes Under More General ConditionsWormholesStability of Spherically Symmetric ConfigurationsCosmology:Stages of the Universe's EvolutionField Dynamics in the Inflationary PeriodThe Large-Scale StructureExtra Dimensions:Multidimensional GravityThe Emergence of Physical Laws Readership: Students and professionals in astrophysics/cosmology. Keywords:Black Holes;Wormholes;Cosmology;Multidimensional Gravity;Inflation;No-Go TheoremsKey Features:Much of the content related to regular black holes, various scalar field solutions, wormholes and their stability are deserving of reader's attention and can be accessible for students, but have never appeared in textbooks or monographs and can be found only in journal publicationsThe authors' original approach to nonlinear multidimensional gravity enables the description of different phenomena from a unique point of viewReviews:“The book concentrates on the issues which the authors have found especially interesting and that have figured in their own research, carried out over the 30 years or so. In other words, it is written from a distinct perspective. For anyone wishing to push these ideas forward and in particular for graduate students, having completed courses on standard material and looking out for possible research topics or just seeking an overview for directions going beyond the conventional, this book can be recommended.”Contemporary Physics

Black Hole Blues And Other Songs From Outer Space

Author : Janna Levin
ISBN : 9781847921963
Genre :
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The full inside story of the detection of gravitational waves at LIGO, one of the most ambitious feats in scientific history. Travel around the world 100 billion times. A strong gravitational wave will briefly change that distance by less than the thickness of a human hair. We have perhaps less than a few tenths of a second to perform this measurement. And we donâe(tm)t know if this infinitesimal event will come next month, next year or perhaps in thirty years. In 1916 Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves: miniscule ripples in the very fabric of spacetime generated by unfathomably powerful events. If such vibrations could somehow be recorded, we could observe our universe for the first time through sound: the hissing of the Big Bang, the whale-like tunes of collapsing stars, the low tones of merging galaxies, the drumbeat of two black holes collapsing into one. For decades, astrophysicists have searched for a way of doing soâe¦ In 2016 a team of hundreds of scientists at work on a billion-dollar experiment made history when they announced the first ever detection of a gravitational wave, confirming Einsteinâe(tm)s prediction. This is their story, and the story of the most sensitive scientific instrument ever made: LIGO. Based on complete access to LIGO and the scientists who created it, Black Hole Blues provides a firsthand account of this astonishing achievement: a compelling, intimate portrait of cutting-edge science at its most awe-inspiring and ambitious.

Introduction To Black Hole Physics

Author : Valeri P. Frolov
ISBN : 9780199692293
Genre : Science
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What is a black hole? How many of them are in our Universe? Can black holes be created in a laboratory or in particle colliders? Can objects similar to black holes be used for space and time travel? This book discusses these and many other questions providing the reader with the tools required to explore the Black Hole Land independently.

The Cosmology Of Extra Dimensions And Varying Fundamental Constants

Author : Carlos Martins
ISBN : 1402011385
Genre : Science
File Size : 63. 73 MB
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The workshop on The Cosmology of Extra Dimensions and Varying Fundamental Constants, which was part of JENAM 2002, was held at the Physics Department of the University of Porto (FCUP) from the 3rd to the 5th of September 2002. It was regularly attended by about 110 participants, of which 65 were officially registered in the VFC workshop, while the others came from the rest of the JENAM workshops. There were also a few science correspondents from the national and international press. During the 3 days of the scientific programme, 8 Invited Reviews and 30 Oral Communications were presented. The speakers came from 11 different European countries, and also from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Japan and the U.S.A. There were also speakers from six Portuguese research institutions, and nine of the speak ers were Ph.D. students. The contributions are presented in these proceedings in chronological order. The workshop brought together string theorists, particle physicists, theoretical and observational cosmologists, relativists and observational astrophysicists. It was generally agreed that this inter-disciplinarity was the greatest strength of the work shop, since it provided people coming into this very recent topic from the various different backgrounds with an opportunity to understand each other's language and thereby gain a more solid understanding of the overall picture.

Gravitation And Cosmology Proceedings Of The Spanish Relativity Meeting

Author : Alberto Lobo
ISBN : 9788447527380
Genre :
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Gravity Black Holes And The Very Early Universe

Author : Tai L. Chow
ISBN : 9780387736310
Genre : Science
File Size : 72. 36 MB
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Here it is, in a nutshell: the history of one genius’s most crucial work – discoveries that were to change the face of modern physics. In the early 1900s, Albert Einstein formulated two theories that would forever change the landscape of physics: the Special Theory of Relativity and the General Theory of Relativity. Respected American academic Professor Tai Chow tells us the story of these discoveries. He details the basic ideas of Einstein, including his law of gravitation. Deftly employing his inimitable writing style, he goes on to explain the physics behind black holes, weaving into his account an explanation of the structure of the universe and the science of cosmology.

The Joy Of X

Author : Steven Henry Strogatz
ISBN : 9780547517650
File Size : 90. 24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A comprehensive tour of leading mathematical ideas by an award-winning professor and columnist for the New York Times Opinionator series demonstrates how math intersects with philosophy, science and other aspects of everyday life. By the author of The Calculus of Friendship. 50,000 first printing.

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