bioremediation of petroleum and petroleum products

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Bioremediation Of Petroleum And Petroleum Products

Author : James G. Speight
Language : English
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With petroleum-related spills, explosions, and health issues in the headlines almost every day, the issue of remediation of petroleum and petroleum products is taking on increasing importance, for the survival of our environment, our planet, and our future.  This book is the first of its kind to explore this difficult issue from an engineering and scientific point of view and offer solutions and reasonable courses of action.

Bioremediation And Biodegradation Of Petroleum Products

Author : Nirmal Kumar
Language : English
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This book enlighten the comprehensive methodology , basic to most up-to-date aspects covering Bioremediation and biodegradation of Petroleum products like diesel, kerosene and petrol by bacterial and fungal isolates in vitro and ex situ from Petroleum product contaminated soils and their effect on biochemical enzymatic variations. This book also is focusing on isolation, characterization , screening, optimization , mode of action and in vitro toxicological effects of different petroleum products on growth, biochemical constituents such as carbohydrates, proteins, phenols, amino acids, enzymatic variations like manganese peroxidase, laccase , dehydrogenase enzymes of fungal isolates like A. terreus, A. versicolor ,A. niger, Fusarium oxysporum, Penicillium janthinellum, P. decumbens and R. oryzae, but also provides information on ex situ remediation and degradation of petroleum products by selected and efficient strains of fungal and bacterial consortia and abatement of petroleum compounds ,bio-transformant such as aliphatic and aromatic petroleum hydrocarbons during degradation in vitro and ex situ experiments .

Hydrocarbon Bioremediation

Author : Battelle Memorial In
Language : English
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With oil spills occurring worldwide, much media and practical attention has been given in recent years to the rapidly maturing field of hydrocarbon bioremediation, particularly with application to marine spills. Hydrocarbon contamination of soil and groundwater, although less visible, is even more widespread and has provided the background for the numerous studies presented in this book, in addition to those devoted to shoreline spills. Chapters address a wide variety of theory and practice and cover important subjects such as biofiltration, natural attenuation, surfactants, and the use of in situ bioventing compared to soil venting. This unique book represents the collective global experience of practitioners and researchers in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. It describes experiences in tying laboratory studies to field applications. Nowhere else can anyone involved in hydrocarbon bioremediation find more up-to-date, relevant information on field experience using the various techniques and combinations of techniques in remediating hydrocarbons by biological means.

Composition And Properties Of Drilling And Completion Fluids

Author : Ryen Caenn
Language : English
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The petroleum industry in general has been dominated by engineers and production specialists. The upstream segment of the industry is dominated by drilling/completion engineers. Usually, neither of those disciplines have a great deal of training in the chemistry aspects of drilling and completing a well prior to its going on production. The chemistry of drilling fluids and completion fluids have a profound effect on the success of a well. For example, historically the drilling fluid costs to drill a well have averaged around 7% of the overall cost of the well, before completion. The successful delivery of up to 100% of that wellbore, in many cases may be attributable to the fluid used.

Considered the "bible" of the industry, Composition and Properties of Drilling and Completion Fluids, first written by Walter Rogers in 1948, and updated on a regular basis thereafter, is a key tool to achieving successful delivery of the wellbore.

In its Sixth Edition, Composition and Properties of Drilling and Completion Fluids has been updated and revised to incorporate new information on technology, economic, and political issues that have impacted the use of fluids to drill and complete oil and gas wells. With updated content on Completion Fluids and Reservoir Drilling Fluids, Health, Safety & Environment, Drilling Fluid Systems and Products, new fluid systems and additives from both chemical and engineering perspectives, Wellbore Stability, adding the new R&D on water-based muds, and with increased content on Equipment and Procedures for Evaluating Drilling Fluid Performance in light of the advent of digital technology and better manufacturing techniques, Composition and Properties of Drilling and Completion Fluids has been thoroughly updated to meet the drilling and completion engineer's needs.

  • Explains a myriad of new products and fluid systems
  • Cover the newest API/SI standards
  • New R&D on water-based muds
  • New emphases on Health, Safety & Environment
  • New Chapter on waste management and disposal

Bioremediation Of Petroleum Contaminated Sites

Author : RiseR-RobeRts
Language : English
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Bioremediation of Petroleum Contaminated Sites provides important background information on the major aspects of technologies and related research dealing with the use of biodegradation for treating environmental contamination by toxic organic substances. The book can be used as a broad reference base for developing programs for in situ biorestoration of fuel contaminated soil and groundwater. A detailed appendix includes supplementary technical information for readers needing in-depth information.

Bioremediation of Petroleum Contaminated Sites is an excellent reference for managers, consultants, regulators, hazardous waste professionals, contractors, students, and environmental researchers.

Bioremediation Of Petroleum And Petroleum Products By James G Speight 2012 10 16

Author : James G. Speight;Karuna K. Arjoon
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Bioremediation Of Petroleum And Petroleum Products By Speight James G Arjoon Karuna K 2012 Hardcover

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Bioremediation Treatability Studies For Soils Containing Herbicides Chemicals And Petroleum Products

Author : Loring Nies
Language : English
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Monitoring And Assessment Of In Situ Biocontainment Of Petroleum Contaminated Ground Water Plumes Sudoc Ep 1 23 6 600 R 98 020

Author : U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Language :
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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was introduced on December 2, 1970 by President Richard Nixon. The agency is charged with protecting human health and the environment, by writing and enforcing regulations based on laws passed by Congress.

The EPA's struggle to protect health and the environment is seen through each of its official publications. These publications outline new policies, detail problems with enforcing laws, document the need for new legislation, and describe new tactics to use to solve these issues. This collection of publications ranges from historic documents to reports released in the new millennium, and features works like: Bicycle for a Better Environment, Health Effects of Increasing Sulfur Oxides Emissions Draft, and Women and Environmental Health.

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