before religion a history of a modern concept

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Before Religion

Author : Brent Nongbri
ISBN : 030015416X
Genre : History
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A fascinating exploration of religion as an invention of the modern world

The Territories Of Science And Religion

Author : Peter Harrison
ISBN : 022618448X
Genre : History
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The conflict between science and religion seems indelible, even eternal. Surely two such divergent views of the universe have always been in fierce opposition? Actually, that's not the case, says Peter Harrison: our very concepts of science and religion are relatively recent, emerging only in the past three hundred years, and it is those very categories, rather than their underlying concepts, that constrain our understanding of how the formal study of nature relates to the religious life. In The Territories of Science and Religion, Harrison dismantles what we think we know about the two categories, then puts it all back together again in a provocative, productive new way. By tracing the history of these concepts for the first time in parallel, he illuminates alternative boundaries and little-known relations between them--thereby making it possible for us to learn from their true history, and see other possible ways that scientific study and the religious life might relate to, influence, and mutually enrich each other. A tour de force by a distinguished scholar working at the height of his powers, The Territories of Science and Religion promises to forever alter the way we think about these fundamental pillars of human life and experience.

The Invention Of Religion In Japan

Author : Jason Ananda Josephson
ISBN : 9780226412351
Genre : Religion
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Throughout its long history, Japan had no concept of what we call “religion.” There was no corresponding Japanese word, nor anything close to its meaning. But when American warships appeared off the coast of Japan in 1853 and forced the Japanese government to sign treaties demanding, among other things, freedom of religion, the country had to contend with this Western idea. In this book, Jason Ananda Josephson reveals how Japanese officials invented religion in Japan and traces the sweeping intellectual, legal, and cultural changes that followed. More than a tale of oppression or hegemony, Josephson’s account demonstrates that the process of articulating religion offered the Japanese state a valuable opportunity. In addition to carving out space for belief in Christianity and certain forms of Buddhism, Japanese officials excluded Shinto from the category. Instead, they enshrined it as a national ideology while relegating the popular practices of indigenous shamans and female mediums to the category of “superstitions”—and thus beyond the sphere of tolerance. Josephson argues that the invention of religion in Japan was a politically charged, boundary-drawing exercise that not only extensively reclassified the inherited materials of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Shinto to lasting effect, but also reshaped, in subtle but significant ways, our own formulation of the concept of religion today. This ambitious and wide-ranging book contributes an important perspective to broader debates on the nature of religion, the secular, science, and superstition.

Genealogies Of Religion

Author : Talal Asad
ISBN : 9780801895937
Genre : Religion
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In Geneologies of Religion, Talal Asad explores how religion as a historical category emerged in the West and has come to be applied as a universal concept. The idea that religion has undergone a radical change since the Christian Reformation—from totalitarian and socially repressive to private and relatively benign—is a familiar part of the story of secularization. It is often invokved to explain and justify the liberal politics and world view of modernity. And it leads to the view that "politicized religions" threaten both reason and liberty. Asad's essays explore and question all these assumptions. He argues that "religion" is a construction of European modernity, a construction that authorizes—for Westerners and non-Westerners alike—particular forms of "history making." -- James R. Wood

The Cambridge Companion To Religious Studies

Author : Robert A. Orsi
ISBN : 9780521883917
Genre : Religion
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Informative and provocative, this book introduces readers to debates in the contemporary study of religion and suggests future research possibilities.

Imperial Encounters

Author : Peter van der Veer
ISBN : 069107478X
Genre : History
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Picking up on Edward Said's claim that the historical experience of empire is common to both the colonizer and the colonized, Peter van der Veer takes the case of religion to examine the mutual impact of Britain's colonization of India on Indian and British culture. He shows that national culture in both India and Britain developed in relation to their shared colonial experience and that notions of religion and secularity were crucial in imagining the modern nation in both countries. In the process, van der Veer chronicles how these notions developed in the second half of the nineteenth century in relation to gender, race, language, spirituality, and science. Avoiding the pitfalls of both world systems theory and national historiography, this book problematizes oppositions between modern and traditional, secular and religious, progressive and reactionary. It shows that what often are assumed to be opposites are, in fact, profoundly entangled. In doing so, it upsets the convenient fiction that India is the land of eternal religion, existing outside of history, while Britain is the epitome of modern secularity and an agent of history. Van der Veer also accounts for the continuing role of religion in British culture and the strong part religion has played in the development of Indian civil society. This masterly work of scholarship brings into view the effects of the very close encounter between India and Britain--an intimate encounter that defined the character of both nations.

History Of Religion A Sketch Of Primitive Religious Beliefs And Practices And Of The Origin And Ch

Author : Allan Menzies
ISBN : 1116149990
Genre : History
File Size : 80. 88 MB
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1908. This text is intended to aid the student who desires to obtain a general idea of comparative religion, by exhibiting the subject as a connected and organic whole, and by indicating the leading points of view from which each of the great systems may best be understood. Contents Part I. The Religion of the Early World: The Beginning of Religion; The Earliest Objects of Worship; Early Developments-Belief; Early Developments-Practices; and National Religion. Contents Part II. Isolated National Religions: Babylon and Assyria; China; and The Religion of Ancient Egypt. Contents Part III. The Semitic Group: The Semitic Religion; Canaanites and Phenicians; Israel; and Islam. Contents Part IV. The Aryan Group: The Aryan Religion; The Teutons; Greece; The Religion of Rome; The Religions of India; The Vedic Religion; India, Brahmanism; India, Buddhism; and Persia. Contents Part V. Universal Religion: Christianity.

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