an introduction to criminal psychology

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An Introduction To Criminal Psychology

Author : Russil Durrant
ISBN : 9781136234347
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 85. 39 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Crime is a topic that is of considerable interest to policy-makers, politicians and the public alike. We want to know what factors can explain the nature and prevalence of crime in society and use this knowledge to better develop approaches for managing criminal behaviour. This book provides a comprehensive overview of approaches to understanding crime and criminal behaviour, with a focus on psychological perspectives. A wide range of different types of criminal behaviour are considered, including juvenile crime, violent offending, sexual offending, collective violence and drug use. For each type of offence a clear overview of key conceptual and methodological issues is provided, along with a detailed consideration of the major theoretical approaches that have been developed. The book concludes by considering how our theoretical understanding of crime can inform our responses to criminal behaviour in terms of punishment, prevention and rehabilitation. Key features of the book include: • an in-depth coverage of a broad range of different types of criminal behaviour; • inclusion of a diverse range of different theoretical perspectives; • accessibly written, with extensive use of case studies, boxes and activities; • an extensive use of up-to-date references that highlight the current state of knowledge in the field of criminal psychology. This book should be of interest to students, academics, researchers and practitioners with an interest in criminal behaviour, and is particularly suitable for undergraduate courses in criminal psychology, forensic psychology and psychological criminology.

Introduction To Forensic And Criminal Psychology

Author : Dennis Howitt
ISBN : 9781292003078
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 53. 46 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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With clear and comprehensive coverage of the subject, Introduction to Forensic Criminal Psychology remains the authoritative, must-have text in what is a rapidly changing field. This student-friendly and accessible title is brim full of up-to-date research and valuable pedagogic features—an engaging resource whose high praise is well deserved.

Introduction To Forensic Psychology

Author : Curt R. Bartol
ISBN : 9781483370699
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 90. 11 MB
Format : PDF
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Filled with real–life examples, practical applications, and case law discussions, Forensic Psychology: Research and Application, Fourth Edition covers new and emerging fields of study, the many areas where psychology plays a significant role in the civil and criminal justice systems, and the wide range of issues that are an integral part of the forensic psychologist’s day-to-day work. This unique, career-oriented textbook emphasizes a multicultural perspective that focuses on the application of psychological knowledge and research. Authors Curt and Anne Bartol expose readers to emerging specializations within forensic psychology, including investigative psychology, family forensic psychology, and police and public safety psychology. The authors also provide extensive, up-to-date references for students to find more material on the subject areas covered.

Psychology And Crime

Author : Clive R. Hollin
ISBN : 9780415497039
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 71. 68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Crime is an expensive aspect of society, and each year huge amounts of public money are spent on the courts, police, probation services, and prisons, while the human costs in terms of pain, fear and loss is incalculable. Psychology and Crime comprehensively covers the vital role of psychological theories and methods in understanding and managing criminal behaviour. It analyzes in depth the application of psychological findings to a range of serious crimes, such as arson, violent crime, and sexual crime. It examines the use of psychology by the police and the courts and discusses the role of psychology in crime reduction strategies. Written by a leading authority on the subject and informed by over twenty years of teaching experience, the second edition of this popular text has been thoroughly revised and updated to take account of the most recent research in the field. New features also include: Expansive coverage of the development of criminal behaviour; Chapter summaries and end-of-chapter discussion points; Text boxes throughout highlighting key issues, debates and brief histories; Supplementary online resources at Psychology and Crime is an essential introduction and reference for undergraduate and postgraduate students in psychology, criminology, sociology and related subjects. It also represents an invaluable resource for professional training courses and anyone planning a career in the criminal justice system.

Introduction To Forensic Psychology

Author : Stacey L. Shipley
ISBN : 9780123821690
Genre : Medical
File Size : 49. 91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This edition of Introduction to Forensic Psychology has been completely restructured to map to how courses on forensic psychology are taught, and features more figures, tables, and text boxes, textbook pedagogy. Uniquely. this book offers equal representation of criminal behavior, the court systems, and law enforcement/prisons. It also has equal representation of criminal and civic forensics and of issues pertaining to adults and children. new coverage of emerging issues in forensic psychology expanded case illustrations and vignettes, practice and ethics updates, and international trends new "key issue" overviews, boldface terms and concepts, and chapter reviews expanded coverage of corrections for juveniles

Criminal Profiling

Author : Brent E. Turvey
ISBN : 0080569358
Genre : Law
File Size : 38. 40 MB
Format : PDF
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Now in its third edition, Criminal Profiling is established as an industry standard text. It moves evidence-based criminal profiling into a full embrace of the scientific method with respect to examining and interpreting behavioral evidence. If focuses on criminal profiling as an investigative and forensic process, helping to solve crime through an honest understanding of the nature and behavior of the most violent criminals. Throughout the text, the author outlines specific principles and practice standards for Behavioral Evidence Analysis, focusing on the application of theory and method to real cases. Criminal Profiling, Third Edition, is an ideal companion for students and professionals alike, including investigators, forensic scientists, criminologists, mental health professionals, and attorneys. With contributing authors representing law enforcement, academic, mental health, and forensic science communities, it offers a balanced perspective not found in other books on this subject. Readers will use it as a comprehensive reference text, a handbook for evaluating physical evidence, a tool to bring new perspectives to cold cases, and as an aid in preparing for criminal trials. * Best-selling author Brent Turvey defines the deductive profiling method, which focuses on examining the nature and behavior of criminals in order to solve crimes * Contributing authors represent law enforcement, academic, mental health, and forensic science communities for a balanced perspective * Completely revised with 35% new material including updates on the latest advances in evidence-based profiling New to this edition * New cases in every chapter * New chapters in logic and reasoning * New chapter reviewing non-evidence based profiling methods * New chapter on mass homicide * New chapter on terrorist profiling and interviewing

An Introduction To Criminal And Forensic Psychology

Author : MS Teresa M Clyne Ba Msc
ISBN : 1523464577
Genre :
File Size : 20. 20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Did you know you are more likely to fall victim to a serial killer than you are to win the lottery? (Hicky 1991) Do you have a burning interest in Psychopaths, serial killers, stalkers, rapists, paedophiles, or offender profiling? If so the fascinating world of criminal and forensic psychology is for you. The introduction to criminal and forensic psychology is suitable for anyone with a desire to learn about the workings of the criminal mind, what motivates an individual to commit crimes, and how investigators collect psychological clues. This introductory book will provide you with a comprehensive insight into criminal behaviour and the criminal mind. You will develop your understanding of the major theories that seek to explain criminal behaviour especially in relation to violent and sexual crimes. Crime and Criminal behaviour is something that affects everyone. The question over the Centuries has been, why do some people commit crime? What are the effects of that crime on the community as a whole? Those involved in criminal psychology ask these questions concerning behaviours as part of their career and research paths, this question is often asked by the Gardai, Prison services, Offender institutes and the Judiciary in the course of their jobs. This book examines the way in which psychology helps us to understand how criminals behave and help us to apply that to the Criminal Justice System (CJS). Readers will consider what criminal psychology is, how it is used in the study of crime and criminals. They will examine different types of psychological theories, and explain criminal behaviour in the context of them "offenders" and us "general public" Readers will investigate these perceptions and how the world sees themselves alongside their perceptions of criminals. Readers will examine the research methods actively used by professionals, including the ethical issues which are raised when research is undertaken, Readers will have the opportunity to apply these research methods to their own research project at the end of the book. As the book progresses Readers will learn how to design and implement a psychological study and apply appropriate statistical and empirical analysis skills to information gathered in their own investigations. Readers will realise the importance of research analysis in understanding not only criminal behaviour but also that of eyewitness testimony, courtroom behaviour, jury deliberation and also how offenders are treated once incarcerated. This book will give Readers an understanding of all areas of Criminal Psychology and arm them with the knowledge they will require in order to understand criminals or pursue a career in Criminal Psychology and Criminology.

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